Friday, November 15, 2013

Connection Speeds & Tech Time Out

"Can you hear me now? What about now?" the man asks, as he moves from spot to spot, proving he has the best phone connections and speed.

Some time in the last few decades, many people stopped living life and started watching "life" on a screen. Screens come in every size now, from minuscule one inch phone screens, to giant 80+ inch TV screens, where you can play games, do business, bank, see videos and watch any one else's life—instead of living your own.

But real Connection Speed has nothing to do with smartphone or cell carriers, it has to do with the time we invest in others, not sitting in the same room playing on phones, but actually connecting with each other, you know, using words.

At our house, we have mandated TECH TIME OUTS every week. Each Sunday and Monday all phones, computers, electronics, and even TV time is out. Instead, we play games together, go for walks, and even talk—to EACH OTHER (in person, not on a phone). Yes, some of the kids complain about it. They think we are the craziest family in the neighborhood, and the meanest parents, no one else would do this to their kids. We even turned off the TV for 2 months, just to see what would happen...
And guess what? The kids stopped sitting on the couch and started playing together! Lego towers, swinging outside, board games, puppet shows and improv skits replaced the TV!

Our favorite memories are those created without technology impeding us. Skiing together in the winter, hiking,  swimming, camping, boating, game nights, playing in the hot tub, going to the park and taking walks around the neighborhood—those are the times we cherish most. And they have nothing to do with how good our phone connections were, or the latest game we downloaded.

Life continues whether we choose to be spectators or participants. We are grateful for the times we leave our screens behind and just live!

How do you live in the moment? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a real break from IT technology? Ever tried it? 

Take the Tech Time Out Challenge and see what positive changes happen in your life! Start with one day, then build and try it for a whole week. Turn off the TV, computer, phones and tablets, and just see happens! Then let us know.


  1. Your story really struck me. My son and I are both writers. We have pulled our talent together to create our first novel. He was 10 at the time we wrote the book.

  2. I tried this with my kids. They threw a huge fit for a while, but in the end, we all loved it. Thanks for the idea.